Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My Journeys Units

Oh my goodness I am just loving these units in my classroom. My class is always excited to see what I come up with next.

Over the last few weeks I have been crazy busy creating. I spent a good chunk of my Thanksgiving break making them. I know, I know why are you working on your break? I can't help it! It is a stress reliever for me to just let the creative juices flow!

Signmaker's Assistant and Dex will be posted this weekend.  It will then be about 2 weeks until the next one is posted. Why the break? Mainly because I am working on an AWESOME penguin unit! I  teamed up with my AMAZING mother Susan and created a unit packed full of everything you need for 1st grade/ 2nd grade class to teach about penguins. My mom teaches first grade in the Seattle Area and has taught penguins for many years. We are tying our creative juices and experience together to bring forth something fabulous for all!

Lets talk for a moment about how I implement my supplement units in my classroom.
1. I don't do all of it whole group. Many of my activities like my sentence pockets in the "Click, Clack, Moo" supplement I go small group. I use it to reinforce the concept for students who are struggling. When I do small group I usually take 5 to 6 students and we discuss the topic. I generally pair it with an anticipatory set such as a youtube video that gets them excited about the topic or a song. Then we dive into the activity.

2. My comprehension activities are almost always done whole group in my classroom. Such as; red barn conclusions from "Click Clack Moo". We generally do them on day two of the story. I feel it enforces the concept, and tells me who understood the story, and the comprehension tactic being taught. Again, I usually have already discussed the comprehension strategy, used an opener to introduce the comprehension strategy, and get them excited.

Okay obviously there is so much more to my units, but that's a little snippet for you!

I thank you all for the amazing customers who have bought one to all of my journeys units! I hope your students are loving them as much as I am!

To purchase any of the below units simply click on the image.


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Journeys Supplement Materials

At my school we have the Houghton Mifflin program for reading. I absolutely adore it. The program is great for my students. With that being said I love putting my own twist to everything.  In these packs I have included my vocab foldables with all of them. Why do I have my student do these? 1. They have to practice using their glossary to find the vocabulary. They also practice putting in a sentence. Then they get to make pictures of the vocab word. The packs also include craftivities and writing projects based off of what they are learning that week. They also have foldables and brochures for helping learn concepts. The prices of the packs range from $3.25-4.00. An amazing deal for all the resources throughout the week. Click on the images and it will take you to that pack.
Keep your eye out different lessons will be added each week!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

2nd Grade color Graph

The year has been starting, and it has been a busy one! We go right into graphing in our 2nd grade classroom! So all of 2nd grade (76 students) got together and made this fantastic graph isn't so fun! I love graphs they are great for teaching more than less than and so much more! You can pick up the craftivity at cara Carroll's store for free!! http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Color-Pals-Writing-Craftivity-821922

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Freebie and a great simple print and go!

These are truly fantastic!!! My First Days of School Activity Pack is selling like Hot Cakes! I sell multiple ones everyday. So obviously it is not just me that thinks it is fantastic. I also put together some reading response sheets (FOR FREE!!!). I love using reading response sheets. They are great for guided reading groups or for teaching a concept such as details and main idea! Click on the images below to purchase today.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Busy Creating!

I just got done with summer school, and have been very busy creating since it finishing. At the moment I am visiting my parents and other family in Seattle area. It is an absolute blast, and I am going to be hitting up lakeshore learning share! I already got a great deal on center containers at the Dollar Tree for how I am doing centers this next year. I will post about that once I have them back in Spudville (Idaho) , and can put everything together. For now I want to share with you some of my fantastic creations!
 Let us start off with a fabulous freebie. If you click on the above picture it will take you to my teacher pay teachers store where you can download the graphing freebie. I am going to be using this the first few weeks of school. Our math program starts right off with graphing for second grade so I thought this is a simple enough game to introduce graphing. I have a whole group activity I am doing with them, but this will be done in partners. My plan is to print out about 12 of the actual graphing page on cardstock, then laminating them. I want be able to use it year to year as "white board" type of recording sheet. I am planning on just posting the cover page so they all can all read it.
Dollar Deal! Measure the Stars! This is aligned with second grade common core as you measure the stars in non standard units, and centimeters/inches. Click on the above picture to purchase :).

 Read it like your talking! This is an activity that can be done as a center or as a while group to encourage fluency. Students will need to have books at their own level to accomplish the activity. If you do units of study this works nicely with that program. It only cost $1.50 in my store.  By the way isn't the clip art by darling! I love creative core's work
 How I turned lemons into lemonade craftivity! This is a fun writing craftivity to be used with your students to encourage having a positive attitude and it is FREE! ENJOY!
This Space themed math pack is packed full of common core math goodness!! Your students will adore these fun filled centers! Many of the centers can be used through out the year as their is more than one level to the center! Enjoy this incredibly pack filled deal at my store for only $7.00. Click on any of the pictures to purchase!


Okay last thing I am going to post is this very fun place value craftivity. Your students will love crating a planet mobile that spreads out a number to the 1000s into expanded form! You can purchase this at my store for just $1.50. Click on the above picture to download!

Friday, June 14, 2013

A Bad Case of Stripes

So this year for our class play we did "A Bad Case of Stripes" by David Shannon. So I rewrote the book into a script, and rewrote popular songs (i.e. Call Me Maybe) to turn it into a mini musical. It was a total hit! They had, and I had a total blast. Now this summer all I want to do is revamp it up with more songs! I just finished rewriting Greased Lightning to fit A Bad Case of Stripes play. I can't wait to see what hilarious little boy will have the main solo in that one! And I have been choreographing it! Oh my goodness it makes me soooo excited! I love doing plays. I feel that it gives students confidence, and helps many of them face a fear. It also helps them with fluency as we practice the scripts, and memorizing :). If you haven't done a play I totally recommend it!!
Also, I have been missing my class terribly... can't wait till next year!
Signing Out!

Thursday, June 13, 2013


In my classroom I am all about positive attitudes, and it drives me bonkers when I hear the complaining noise of “I can’t do it”. So therefore we have an “I CAN!” All it really is; a tin can with googley eyes glue gunned onto the can. What the students think it is: A can that Mrs. Barnes shakes over their head that has magical invisible powers that land on your head. These magical powers goes into your brain, and helps you find solutions to whatever they “can’t” do. It really is hilarious how this really works! They really think this can has magical powers. I have posted the below poster n my room as a reminder. You can now download it for free, just right click on the image and save.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

{FREEBIE} Long O Short O Match Up Freebie!

Holla! Free, Free, Free! Simple little match up game. Usually these are put in sorts, but my students are not the biggest fans of sorts... so here is the solution. Enjoy the Freebie!!!

The Different Sounds of ED t/d/ed

This center came by request from my wonderful first grade teaching mother. So if you are glad you found this pack... the reason it came to be is because of her! Did I mention she is an absolutly FABULOUS first grade teacher in the seattle area?! I have also used it in my own classroom. I didnt realize what a hard concept it was to notice the different sounds of "ED".
This pack contains:

1. Ladybug Sort The Different Sounds of ED.
Directions: Sort the ladybug to the right leaf! Say the word and determine if the ed makes a “t”, “ed”, or “d” sound. Also has recording sheet
2. Ladybug ED Sounds Board Game. Directions:
It is a lady bug race! Get your lady bug to the finish. Roll a dice to know how many spaces you should go ahead then say an “ed” word with the sound that is in the space you landed on. Also has recording sheet.
3. The Different Sounds of ED booklet. This could be used for a center or during direct instruction. There are pages to record ed words with t, d, and ed sounds. Also pages to create sentences with ed words with the different sounds.
You can purchase it at my store for only $2.00

Final Syllable -le Activities

Final Syllable Activities! This little pack containts 2 center games. One is a match up game, and the other is a board game. I usually make my board games a little more difficult, but I felt that both of these could be used for any level of student in your class.
This is a great deal at only $2.00 in my store :).
These activities are aligned with Houghton Mifflin Lesson 30 2nd Grade

Monday, May 27, 2013

Multiple Meaning Words Activities

One of the first products I ever posted in my store. It has completely been revamped since initially being put in my store. It has new clip art, font, and I even added another game. One of my favorite things about this pack is the two different games. The board game I love using with my students who need an extra challenge as they get to come up with the meanings for the different words on their own. The match up game is great for those who are still trying to figure out the different meanings of the words. The booklet I like to use with all of my students during direct instruction as we discuss multiple meaning words.
It only costs $3.00 in my store.



Antonyms, Synonyms, and Homophones Galore!!!!

Buy it now for only $6.50
My Goodness this is one huge pack! All 99 pages! WOW! You can view some of the products in the images below. Don't you love the sea life clip art? I had so much fun creating it! This is all that this huge pack contains:
Antonyms, Synonyms, and Homophones Major Bundle:
Activities, Ocean Themed Centers, and Craftivities! 99 Pages!!
1. Mr. Crab Antonym Memory with recording sheets and sentence sheet
2. Jumping Jellyfish Antonym Board Game with recording sheets and sentence sheet
3. My Antonym Booklet for students
4. Ant Antonym Craftivity
5. Antonym Mitten Craftivity
6. Antonym Readers’ Theater
1. Dancing Dolphin Homophone Memory with recording sheets and sentence sheet
2. Silly Seahorse Homophone Board Game with recording sheets and sentence sheet
3. My Homophone Booklet for students
4. Pair of Pairs Craftivity
1. Seahorse Synonym Memory with recording sheets and sentence sheet
2. Wonderful Whale Synonym Board Game with recording sheets and sentence sheet
3. My Synonym Booklet for students
4. Cinnamon Synonym Craftivity
What I love about these craftivities for my classroom is that all thought they are simple all I have t do is print off the outline on construction paper, and the students do all the cutting, and gluing!