Thursday, April 18, 2013

Fact and Opinion Spider Games

I don't know what it is about spiders, but my kids love them! That was part of the reason I made these spider themed. The other reason is in the early fall we read "Diary of a Spider", and I plan on doing more of a unit with spiders at that time next year.
This past week in our Journey's book we had the focus on fact and opinion! So I included these games as part of my centers. They were both a total HIT! They loved them! My kids are now begging me for more board games like "Feed Mother Spider" during their center time. So... that is exactly what I am up to! Making more! This was also a great one because "Feed Mother Spider" does NOT have to be done about spiders. My class did it about the animal that they are researching! The booklet was a fantastic extra challenge for my higher kids. My struggling learners just told each other the different fact. and opinions.
The spider fact and opinion sort they also really liked. I think the catch with this one is that it is about spiders. This was exciting for them, because they actually wanted to read the facts!

You can purchase these both together! $1.50!

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