Tuesday, May 28, 2013

{FREEBIE} Long O Short O Match Up Freebie!

Holla! Free, Free, Free! Simple little match up game. Usually these are put in sorts, but my students are not the biggest fans of sorts... so here is the solution. Enjoy the Freebie!!!

The Different Sounds of ED t/d/ed

This center came by request from my wonderful first grade teaching mother. So if you are glad you found this pack... the reason it came to be is because of her! Did I mention she is an absolutly FABULOUS first grade teacher in the seattle area?! I have also used it in my own classroom. I didnt realize what a hard concept it was to notice the different sounds of "ED".
This pack contains:

1. Ladybug Sort The Different Sounds of ED.
Directions: Sort the ladybug to the right leaf! Say the word and determine if the ed makes a “t”, “ed”, or “d” sound. Also has recording sheet
2. Ladybug ED Sounds Board Game. Directions:
It is a lady bug race! Get your lady bug to the finish. Roll a dice to know how many spaces you should go ahead then say an “ed” word with the sound that is in the space you landed on. Also has recording sheet.
3. The Different Sounds of ED booklet. This could be used for a center or during direct instruction. There are pages to record ed words with t, d, and ed sounds. Also pages to create sentences with ed words with the different sounds.
You can purchase it at my store for only $2.00

Final Syllable -le Activities

Final Syllable Activities! This little pack containts 2 center games. One is a match up game, and the other is a board game. I usually make my board games a little more difficult, but I felt that both of these could be used for any level of student in your class.
This is a great deal at only $2.00 in my store :).
These activities are aligned with Houghton Mifflin Lesson 30 2nd Grade

Monday, May 27, 2013

Multiple Meaning Words Activities

One of the first products I ever posted in my store. It has completely been revamped since initially being put in my store. It has new clip art, font, and I even added another game. One of my favorite things about this pack is the two different games. The board game I love using with my students who need an extra challenge as they get to come up with the meanings for the different words on their own. The match up game is great for those who are still trying to figure out the different meanings of the words. The booklet I like to use with all of my students during direct instruction as we discuss multiple meaning words.
It only costs $3.00 in my store.



Antonyms, Synonyms, and Homophones Galore!!!!

Buy it now for only $6.50
My Goodness this is one huge pack! All 99 pages! WOW! You can view some of the products in the images below. Don't you love the sea life clip art? I had so much fun creating it! This is all that this huge pack contains:
Antonyms, Synonyms, and Homophones Major Bundle:
Activities, Ocean Themed Centers, and Craftivities! 99 Pages!!
1. Mr. Crab Antonym Memory with recording sheets and sentence sheet
2. Jumping Jellyfish Antonym Board Game with recording sheets and sentence sheet
3. My Antonym Booklet for students
4. Ant Antonym Craftivity
5. Antonym Mitten Craftivity
6. Antonym Readers’ Theater
1. Dancing Dolphin Homophone Memory with recording sheets and sentence sheet
2. Silly Seahorse Homophone Board Game with recording sheets and sentence sheet
3. My Homophone Booklet for students
4. Pair of Pairs Craftivity
1. Seahorse Synonym Memory with recording sheets and sentence sheet
2. Wonderful Whale Synonym Board Game with recording sheets and sentence sheet
3. My Synonym Booklet for students
4. Cinnamon Synonym Craftivity
What I love about these craftivities for my classroom is that all thought they are simple all I have t do is print off the outline on construction paper, and the students do all the cutting, and gluing!



Ocean Themed Dipthongs Pack

Wow this bundle is a deal! How do I keep my prices so low? I try to make my own clip art as much as possible, and you get to reap the benefits since I don't have to include the clip art in my price :).
Anyway, onto this fabulous bundle! My kids adored these centers, and games. Also the workseets, and booklet was an absolute hit. I love booklets. I think they make it more interesting for the kids, and I can use them through more than one lesson. I stretched this bundle out throughout 3 Houghton Mifflin Lessons.
I think the student's favorite was the board game, but they all were a hit.
Also love having some cute little posters to post on that focus wall.
This bundle is only $3.50
This Unit Contains:
1 Go Fish “ow” and “ou” diphthong game with recording sheet and sentence sheet
1 Octopus “oi” and “oy” diphthong board game
1 Orca “oo” and “oo” diphthong word sort with recording sheet and sentence sheet
My Diphthong Booklet for students
3 Diphthong Cut and Paste Activities
3 Ocean Themed Posters for Diphthongs to be used on a focus wall
Again, this can be found at my TpT store:

Doubles and Doubles Plus 1

Click Here to Buy
Doubles and Doubles Plus 1 Pack!
I don't know about you, but watching those kids do fact sheets over, and over again can get boring! So I am making games to pratice them instead. This is the first pack of more to come. I also have a multiplication one that is already up in my teacher store as well.
This pack contains 3 center games, and two worksheetss. All games come with recording sheets as well.
The centers are as follows:
1 Doubles & Doubles +1 Addition Go Gish Game with recording sheet
1 Doubles and Doubles +1 Addition Board Game with recording sheet
1 Doubles and Doubles +1 Greater than less than sort with recording sheet

Cost: Only $3.00
I love these games not only for my math center times, but also to pull out for fast finishers (students that get done early). I have a bin full of games like these for them to practice topics they have already learned.
Again to view this in my store along with my my preview follow the link below to my store: