Monday, May 27, 2013

Doubles and Doubles Plus 1
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Doubles and Doubles Plus 1 Pack!
I don't know about you, but watching those kids do fact sheets over, and over again can get boring! So I am making games to pratice them instead. This is the first pack of more to come. I also have a multiplication one that is already up in my teacher store as well.
This pack contains 3 center games, and two worksheetss. All games come with recording sheets as well.
The centers are as follows:
1 Doubles & Doubles +1 Addition Go Gish Game with recording sheet
1 Doubles and Doubles +1 Addition Board Game with recording sheet
1 Doubles and Doubles +1 Greater than less than sort with recording sheet

Cost: Only $3.00
I love these games not only for my math center times, but also to pull out for fast finishers (students that get done early). I have a bin full of games like these for them to practice topics they have already learned.
Again to view this in my store along with my my preview follow the link below to my store:

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