Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Different Sounds of ED t/d/ed

This center came by request from my wonderful first grade teaching mother. So if you are glad you found this pack... the reason it came to be is because of her! Did I mention she is an absolutly FABULOUS first grade teacher in the seattle area?! I have also used it in my own classroom. I didnt realize what a hard concept it was to notice the different sounds of "ED".
This pack contains:

1. Ladybug Sort The Different Sounds of ED.
Directions: Sort the ladybug to the right leaf! Say the word and determine if the ed makes a “t”, “ed”, or “d” sound. Also has recording sheet
2. Ladybug ED Sounds Board Game. Directions:
It is a lady bug race! Get your lady bug to the finish. Roll a dice to know how many spaces you should go ahead then say an “ed” word with the sound that is in the space you landed on. Also has recording sheet.
3. The Different Sounds of ED booklet. This could be used for a center or during direct instruction. There are pages to record ed words with t, d, and ed sounds. Also pages to create sentences with ed words with the different sounds.
You can purchase it at my store for only $2.00

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