Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My Journeys Units

Oh my goodness I am just loving these units in my classroom. My class is always excited to see what I come up with next.

Over the last few weeks I have been crazy busy creating. I spent a good chunk of my Thanksgiving break making them. I know, I know why are you working on your break? I can't help it! It is a stress reliever for me to just let the creative juices flow!

Signmaker's Assistant and Dex will be posted this weekend.  It will then be about 2 weeks until the next one is posted. Why the break? Mainly because I am working on an AWESOME penguin unit! I  teamed up with my AMAZING mother Susan and created a unit packed full of everything you need for 1st grade/ 2nd grade class to teach about penguins. My mom teaches first grade in the Seattle Area and has taught penguins for many years. We are tying our creative juices and experience together to bring forth something fabulous for all!

Lets talk for a moment about how I implement my supplement units in my classroom.
1. I don't do all of it whole group. Many of my activities like my sentence pockets in the "Click, Clack, Moo" supplement I go small group. I use it to reinforce the concept for students who are struggling. When I do small group I usually take 5 to 6 students and we discuss the topic. I generally pair it with an anticipatory set such as a youtube video that gets them excited about the topic or a song. Then we dive into the activity.

2. My comprehension activities are almost always done whole group in my classroom. Such as; red barn conclusions from "Click Clack Moo". We generally do them on day two of the story. I feel it enforces the concept, and tells me who understood the story, and the comprehension tactic being taught. Again, I usually have already discussed the comprehension strategy, used an opener to introduce the comprehension strategy, and get them excited.

Okay obviously there is so much more to my units, but that's a little snippet for you!

I thank you all for the amazing customers who have bought one to all of my journeys units! I hope your students are loving them as much as I am!

To purchase any of the below units simply click on the image.