Sunday, July 27, 2014


When I found out I was moving to a new state, and was going to get a new job I was worried about something. What if I have to teach a different reading program?! I LOVE the Journey's program that Houghton Mifflin has. As many of you know I have created many units based off of the sequencing of Journey's. Well I won't have Journey's next year, and honestly it seems like I will have to be really diving into my own curriculum skills. So I am taking some of my Journeys craft and making it so they can be used with ANY BOOK. My mom is really excited too as she will be able to use as well (she doesn't have that reading program wither. The fabulous thing is these pack REALLY lay everything out for you with whatever it's focus is. My first focus I have compiled is the reading comprehension strategy: STORY STRUCTURE!
Teaching story structure has always been something I enjoyed. I have packed this full with posters, a poem, graphic organizers, interactive journal pages, worksheets, AND SIX CRAFTS!!!
CHECK IT OUT! I am really pumped about this! I know it is going to make me an even BETTER TEACHER!


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