Saturday, September 13, 2014

Shapes and Shape Monsters

We have been learning about shapes the last 5 days in school. These are firsties so I tried to keep as age friendly as possible. They love learning about shapes. Especially since we can do fun things to learn about them. We started the unit on shapes with a Chart that was students/ class made of shapes we knew some things about. I wish I would have taken a picture of it, but I didn't :(. We then talked about the different shapes. They also had had explore time during center with the shape manipulatives.
I have a daily math power point I do in which videos are embedded into. I can't upload the power point due to clip art terms of use, but I will but the links for all the you tube videos we used to help in our discussions and learning about shapes.
Other basic shape videos:
 We just focused on these 7 shapes for now. We then made a chart together as a class. The students wrote the numbers in for the sides and corners.
We had a discussion about how the different shapes are different. We talked about how a circle really is an odd ball. We then made shape monsters with the polygon shapes only. I made mine first to show the class how to make them. They had to include one of every shape except the circle. I had di cut squares, triangles, trapezoids, and rectangles. I then just printed out pentagons and rhombuses to have them cut out as they made their shape monsters.
Before they could get their large black paper to glue their shape monster down on they had to show me they had all the shapes in their monster. They could use the charts at the back of the room for support. This was a great way to informally assess them!
They then could glue their Shape Monster down, and now it is in the hall on display! :)

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