Thursday, October 22, 2015

Kevin Henkes Author Study! Bonus a Freebie!

I can't believe I finished it! It has been so fun reading through my Kevin Henkes favorites, and creating for them! I have posted each book study individually so if you are just looking for a certain one that is still available to you! I also have them all bundled for $20.00. I know what you are thinking... that's a lot of money. But this pack is seriously JAMMED PACKED! over 300 pages of activities. Craftivities for the stories like you have never seen before! I mean it really goes all out. Plus if you bought it all separately it would be $31.50! Something that is cool about the bundle is you get an added bonus of cumulative activities to do for Kevin Henkes. You can check that out in the image below: Click any of the images and it will take you to the bundle!
Check out what else is in the bundle in the images below:

Since it is such a big purchase I did make one book study a freebie. Lilly's Big Day. It is smaller then the other book studies, but it gives you a taste for what you will find inside these packs! Click the image below to download your "Lilly's Big Day" for FREE!
Here's also a picture from a first grade classroom that was using the folder name activity from my Chrysanthemum Pack. Love seeing my work used in other classrooms!