Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Day 4:My Addy Jane

Tonight I wanted to post about something I can't believe I haven't already!! I am a mother to one darling baby girl Addy Jane! She is the sweetest and totally has my heart! I had her June 22 2015 about a week after school got out. Talk about great timing! I took this year off to be with here so the pictures you see of classrooms are from me helping other classrooms. I was thinking of going back next year, but trying balance that, my tpt store, and my sweet new addition I think would be more than I could handle. So at the moment I am teaching students as I go in and help other teachers, creating resources, and being a mom (my new favorite thing!).

Day 3: My Reading Mat Folder Cover

I love using reading mats. It’s a great way for students to know to read their books more than once! At the beginning of the year I whipped up this freebie for y'all for your student's reading mats! Check it out https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/My-Reading-Mat-Folder-Cover-2070276

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Day 2: Black History Part 2

This first grade class has been so busy learning about their black history. Last week they dove in deep learning all about Martin Luther King Jr.! Anchor charts, tri-folds, read alouds, writing, and crafts galore! I love seeing my units put to life in different classrooms! Check out all these firsties hard work below! You can click any image, and it will take you to my MLK Unit!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Day 1: Black History Part 1

Okay I have a goal... 30 blog posts in 30 days... can I guarantee it will all be about teaching? Not sure! But here it goes.
Today I am starting of blogging about yesterday, and working with Mrs. Guptill's first grade classroom on Rosa Parks. Mrs. Guptill has some great groups for guided reading set up, and so she had me come in and help them with their Rosa Parks Tri-Fold/Reading. The students were reading the book pictured below (click on it to purchase at amazon)

I chose this book as the recommendation to read with your students when reading about Rosa Parks. I like it as it is at a Level 2 so a more wide range of students cat read it. My vocabulary in my unit goes along with this book.

If I were doing this whole group I have a kindle edition of this book through Amazon and would have read it aloud with that to the whole class. Yesterday we did it small group. We gathered around the table. Took turns reading it, and also chorale read. We just ran through the first two sections of the tri-fold as we just worked for about 20ish minutes. Pictured below are some different students tri-folds:

Check out what else can be found in my Rosa Parks Bundle below!: