Saturday, February 13, 2016

Baby/Kid Valentine Craft

Okay so today I am going to stray away from my normal teaching posts. To bring to  you my daughter's very first art project. To be honest I am a horrible diyer/crafter. Give me a computer and paper and I can muster it up, but without that I am well lets just go with not the best. So I was pinning the other day (which is like everyday) haha and came across all these cute baby footprint ideas. Well I really wanted to try one. So I did the simplest one I could find. So People here it is:

It's for her Dad. My husband Jake is a car salesman so he always works on Saturdays so we quick ran to Walmart and whipped this up for him. If I can give you any pointers for what to do to make this run more smoothly with your baby it would be
  • Have them sit in their Bumbo
  • Be a better writing artist them I am haha. But in all honesty use pencil firt that's what I did. Granite if you look at the picture you can see a few pencils lines I erased, but it would have looked so much worse if I wouldn't have had a pencil first.
  • Go to Walmart for the supplies. This was so CHEAP to make. You can get a three pack 8X10 canvases for a couple bucks (score). I used washable tempura paint as I didn't want to be scrubbing at my baby's feet for hours, and yes they have that at Walmart too!
Okay well that's my little baby craft post. Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day!


Monday, February 8, 2016

Somebody Loves You Mr. Hatch Part 2!

The Tri-Fold!!! I love tri-folds! They are such a great tool to test comprehension, without the feeling of a formal assessment. I like to do student drawings in my Tri-folds as I feel it helps cement their ideas. In my last post I talked a lot about student drawings so as you can see it goes on through out the unit ;). Not going to say a ton about the tri-fold as I feel pictures really are worth a thousand words, but click on the pic and it will take you to the product.

I also included again this lovely teacher's bulletin board display for a couple of reason. She added a title to the top of it. Also because I wanted to point out how do you notice that's a white board. For those of you who struggling constantly switching out paper for the back drop, what a great idea if you have a bunch of white boards in your room (as this teacher does). Just use magnets and the switch is a synch! I also like how it is above the library and in the classroom. So students can enjoy their work, and it encourages them to read their other classmates work. Win-win!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch by. Eileen Spinelli

I am just loving how this unit turned out. These first graders in the Seattle area have ABSOLUTLEY loved it! You can purchase this unit individually for $3.50 or in my Valentine bundle for $8 which also comes with No Prep Activities for Valentine's Day, Literacy Centers, and Math Centers! Check out the bundle below:

Onto more about Just Mr. Hatch! This story is so darling, and I love that you can watch the book on YouTube thanks to the screen actors guild!

Don't you just love Hector Elizondo!? He will forever be in my teenage heart thanks to Princess Diaries!

No onto how this is being used in the classroom!

I love how this teacher had them draw a line down the middle of their Character Traits heart to show how the traits for Mr. Hatch were in the beginning and the end of the story. I am huge on picture support with student images to help them in their writing. This teacher gave them the option on their "5 ways Mr. Hatch Changed" sheet to draw pictures to represent it or write. I think it is so important to emphasis that in brainstorming pictures are AOKAY! It helps those who struggle in writing to get their brain going. I am a visual person before starting many of my products I actually make pictures. I mean think about it... does your brain flash printed letters as you brainstorm or is it pictures?! Pictures! Okay I am starting to ramble, but I think you get what I am saying. Many teachers think "well how do we know it isn't just a random picture?" I dare you to ask them what their picture represents, you may just be shocked by their response! ;).

When coming up with the craft for Mr. Hatch I was tempted to give templates for his face, but I halted myself. Mr. Hatch is such a beautifully simple person that even a Kindergartner could draw his face! That is the whole idea he is a "Plain Jane", but is a wonderful person on the inside if someone could just look past the outside. For that reason I felt the face of Mr. Hatch truly needed to be kid drawn. I have other reason why the Mr. Hatch Craft is the way it is, but you'll have to purchase to find that one out ;).

Sometimes as teachers we get so overwhelmed about these Anchor Charts. That they need to have the; wow! Although it is great to have illustration maybe you just don't have that skill. This was a simple anchor chart done by a first grade teacher so she could show Mr. Hatch's Character traits changed. Guess what everybody??? It still does the job, and really with the simplicity of it kind of ties in well with dear simple Mr. Hatch don't you think? ;).

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Day 7: Read aloud on YouTube

Sometimes you may need just even 5 mins to get your head wrapped around somethings going on in your classroom, but what do you do? On YouTube the Screen Actors Guild has tons of read a louds of many classics read by well known actors. If you haven't already I strongly recommend checking it out! I'll leave the link below:

And a funny teacher meme because tomorrow is hump day 

Monday, February 1, 2016

Day 6: Valentine Love!

Oh Valentine's Day what a sugar rush filled day in the classroom!!! I wanted to share with you a freebie Valentine Headband from my store and also the bundle I just got finished! Whew! Okay first the bundle! I had so much fun creating for this! I chose the book "Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch!" by. Eileen Spinelli. I chose this one as it is a favorite of my mothers. So basically she really wanted me to do it haha! I put a lot of effort in the crafitivty as I wanted it to gave a different feel then others I have seen out there. I did choose to stick with Understanding Characters as I feel this is a key comprehension strategy that goes with this book. Check out the pictures below to see a taste of this Book Study!:

On word foreword this bundle contains centers for math and literacy. Centers are pretty self explanatory, but here is a picture just in case you need it ;).

Okay now The No PREP part. If you are like me the week of Valentine's Day is a little cray cray in the classroom. Your students just aren't focusing like they normally do, and are dreaming of candy and Valentine Cards! SO I have this pack of printables that you simply just print and GO! All are still learning in some way. So if your principal walks in you can be like "Um yeah they are learning...Check out that hundred chart, those sight words, that writing!" haha. Haha okay picture of it all here you go:

Finally The FREEBIE!!! Holla! Gotta love that Free 99!!! Last year with my firsties I really got into headbands! Like in a major way! I loved it because I would always still include writing or something academic, but it made it just feel like fun for them. I am all about that fun! As my old principal when I taught in Idaho would say "Another Day of FUN and learning". Check out these super cute headbands: (As always all images are clickable, and take you straight to the product)

So cute:

Day 5: Black History Part 3

Okay people I am getting back on track with my 30 days of blogging. Baby girl got her 6 month shots which came with a fever and yuckies, and it totally threw me! Then my whole little family got a cold. We are back on track now so I am making more than one blogpost today to make up for it! Here we go!!!!
Black History Month has got to be one of my favorites to much richness goes into these lessons! Character Qualities of greatness to the absolute max! Today I wanted to share with you two different bulletin board displays from two different 1st Grade classrooms of my cute Ruby Bridges and Martin Luther King Jr. Crafts! As always click the below images and it will take you right to my product to purchase these amazing units :)!
One of the teachers shared with me how much these units have resonated with her class this year. They had already learned about Rosa and MLK and then they were onto Ruby. They already understood so much from the previous two units that it set it up perfectly for Ruby Bridges. She told me as she read the book for Ruby Bridges her cute little firsties got tears in their eyes! How sweet and dear are they!? Love to hear how certain topics touches their innocent little hearts!