Saturday, February 13, 2016

Baby/Kid Valentine Craft

Okay so today I am going to stray away from my normal teaching posts. To bring to  you my daughter's very first art project. To be honest I am a horrible diyer/crafter. Give me a computer and paper and I can muster it up, but without that I am well lets just go with not the best. So I was pinning the other day (which is like everyday) haha and came across all these cute baby footprint ideas. Well I really wanted to try one. So I did the simplest one I could find. So People here it is:

It's for her Dad. My husband Jake is a car salesman so he always works on Saturdays so we quick ran to Walmart and whipped this up for him. If I can give you any pointers for what to do to make this run more smoothly with your baby it would be
  • Have them sit in their Bumbo
  • Be a better writing artist them I am haha. But in all honesty use pencil firt that's what I did. Granite if you look at the picture you can see a few pencils lines I erased, but it would have looked so much worse if I wouldn't have had a pencil first.
  • Go to Walmart for the supplies. This was so CHEAP to make. You can get a three pack 8X10 canvases for a couple bucks (score). I used washable tempura paint as I didn't want to be scrubbing at my baby's feet for hours, and yes they have that at Walmart too!
Okay well that's my little baby craft post. Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day!


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