Monday, February 1, 2016

Day 5: Black History Part 3

Okay people I am getting back on track with my 30 days of blogging. Baby girl got her 6 month shots which came with a fever and yuckies, and it totally threw me! Then my whole little family got a cold. We are back on track now so I am making more than one blogpost today to make up for it! Here we go!!!!
Black History Month has got to be one of my favorites to much richness goes into these lessons! Character Qualities of greatness to the absolute max! Today I wanted to share with you two different bulletin board displays from two different 1st Grade classrooms of my cute Ruby Bridges and Martin Luther King Jr. Crafts! As always click the below images and it will take you right to my product to purchase these amazing units :)!
One of the teachers shared with me how much these units have resonated with her class this year. They had already learned about Rosa and MLK and then they were onto Ruby. They already understood so much from the previous two units that it set it up perfectly for Ruby Bridges. She told me as she read the book for Ruby Bridges her cute little firsties got tears in their eyes! How sweet and dear are they!? Love to hear how certain topics touches their innocent little hearts!

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