Monday, February 1, 2016

Day 6: Valentine Love!

Oh Valentine's Day what a sugar rush filled day in the classroom!!! I wanted to share with you a freebie Valentine Headband from my store and also the bundle I just got finished! Whew! Okay first the bundle! I had so much fun creating for this! I chose the book "Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch!" by. Eileen Spinelli. I chose this one as it is a favorite of my mothers. So basically she really wanted me to do it haha! I put a lot of effort in the crafitivty as I wanted it to gave a different feel then others I have seen out there. I did choose to stick with Understanding Characters as I feel this is a key comprehension strategy that goes with this book. Check out the pictures below to see a taste of this Book Study!:

On word foreword this bundle contains centers for math and literacy. Centers are pretty self explanatory, but here is a picture just in case you need it ;).

Okay now The No PREP part. If you are like me the week of Valentine's Day is a little cray cray in the classroom. Your students just aren't focusing like they normally do, and are dreaming of candy and Valentine Cards! SO I have this pack of printables that you simply just print and GO! All are still learning in some way. So if your principal walks in you can be like "Um yeah they are learning...Check out that hundred chart, those sight words, that writing!" haha. Haha okay picture of it all here you go:

Finally The FREEBIE!!! Holla! Gotta love that Free 99!!! Last year with my firsties I really got into headbands! Like in a major way! I loved it because I would always still include writing or something academic, but it made it just feel like fun for them. I am all about that fun! As my old principal when I taught in Idaho would say "Another Day of FUN and learning". Check out these super cute headbands: (As always all images are clickable, and take you straight to the product)

So cute:

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