Saturday, March 26, 2016

Kevin Henkes Addition in THE BUNDLE ONLY

When the tpt things you use in your classroom is created by your daughter you get some major freebie bonuses. At least that is how it is for my mom! My mom wanted to do Sheila Rae, The Brave with her firsties... the only problem she really wanted to focus on story structure. So I did a little tweaking for her and merged my Chrysanthemum Story Structure with Sheila Rae, The Brave. This is the result. Okay.. seriously... how cute!!!!

I also had a customer that had but her Kevin Henkes Author Study into a binder. One organized teacher she must be! She requested that my cover image for the product be an option to print for a binder cover. I have now added that as well. I actually added it a few weeks ago I just never got around to announcing it to everyone. I also made it with a white background so that those who don't want use all the blank ink have that option. If you want to print it black and white simply change your printing option to grayscale.

Again these addition are ONLY AVAILBLE IN THE BUNDLE! Click any image in this post and it will take you to my bundle.

My mom's firsties also did the tri-fold. I just love the illustrations they do! SO sweet! Check it out below.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Books for Baby in a Teacher's View

So I am a teacher who is currently staying home with her baby. So I thought hmm mom's may be interested in my view on reading with their little. Let me start this by saying I don't treat reading time like that of one I would of had with my first graders.
  • All reading is done with mom. If you expect to just sit your baby on the floor with a pile of books more than likely all they are going to so is chew on them (nom, nom, nom). But a book can be much more than just a chewing toy for your little!
  • You are teaching your baby what we teachers like to call "Concepts of Print". This is the first thing we expect those kindergartners to know when they come into the classroom, and you can start teaching it to them as a baby. It is pretty basic; it is teaching them how a book works. Such as:  You start at the cover. Point to the title as you read. Turn the pages. Reading from the left to the right. Showing the pictures vs. the text. Pretty basic right? As you are reading to your child you are teaching this to them without even knowing! That's part of the reason why so many push reading to your kids. You are teaching to them!
Okay now that we have gone into that I wanted to talk to you about my 3 (yes only 3) favorite books that I currently like reading to my 9 month old.

  1. I love the touch and feel books! Your baby is learning so much in the world, and one of the ways they do this is through touch! We have three, and I plan on getting more. This way they really can interact with their hands as you are reading to them. I've created links to the ones we have below for Amazon. Her favorite of the three is Touch and Feel Farm.

     2. Okay next up is flip up books. I have tried a few different ones, and this is our favorite. Again this gets the babies to interact with the book as there is a flip up with them. We tried Dear Zoo and she just isn't ready for that one. These one I think are better for her age range as they are large and more brightly colored which is appealing to an almost 9 month old. So the two she likes are If You See a Cow and If You See a Farmer both by Richard Powell.

   3. As a teacher I have to get into my non-fiction. It is just the teacher in me. My favorite for this at the baby age are these ones called Little Critters Up Close that are made by ZooBooks. They make magazines for elementary age, but they also make these board books for your littles! I love it as it has real images of these animals with very simple words for me to read aloud. They are also great for pointing out different body parts on animals. Now these are a little pricey, and you can't buy them on amazon :(. Which this Amazon addict is very sad. Although if you watch Groupon you can get in on good deals, and pay a monthly subscription, and two show up in the mail every month!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

St. Patrick's Day

Check out all this cute work done on St. Patrick's Day by a first grade class!! LOVE it! This teacher took the no prep sheets and put them into a packet. I talked with this teacher, and she really felt overwhelmed by curriculum this year. She needed something simple that could make them still feel like they were celebrating. This pack was her ticket! Love it when I hear it worked perfect for their classroom. :

For the headband she had them do both writing prompts. Talk about writing all stars in her first grade class! One of my prompts is to write down a face about St. Patrick's Day. She showed her students this Gail Gibbons read a loud found on YouTube to help them find the fact(s):

 I love these roll it sheets! Great way to help them review basic facts without seeming so mundane with the usual fact sheet or flash cards.  I might make a few more these soon for something hmmm..

Well I just wanted to share these sweet photos from this first grade class. Over and out until next time!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

St Patricks Day NO PREP

I have to be honest I completely forgot I had made a no prep pack. This pack is a couple years old. Once you've made so many items they just start running all together in your brain. My mom mentioned it to me, and how much she liked it. I still thought it needed a little extra though so I added a headband craft for your students to enjoy. This is something that my students always loved, and I could always incorporate a simple writing assignment with it. They wear those silly headbands proudly out to their bus! The no prep part of printables has math, writing, and reading sheets. The main focus of this set is grades 1-2. Click the image below to take you to the product:

So when I made the headband I tried it on my babies tiny head! Poor thing will forever be my guinea pig for my resources she's just getting started in the modeling ;). But I mean really how cute is this face. She ripped it off and destroyed it soon after smiling the whole time. Be on the look out this week as I will try to post a freebie again on the blog <3.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Doubles and Doubles Plus One

Hey All! These past few weeks have been a total craze! We moved from Lake Stevens to Issaquah. I wanted to do this blog post a good few weeks ago, but with all the things going it just wasn't possible! I completely updated my Doubles and Doubles Plus One Pack. Here are some pictures of other classrooms using it:

As it is halfway through the year this classroom was using the unit as review. Still look great though!

You can see what else is in this product by watching this YouTube video:

Click the image below and it will take you to the product in my store:

I also wanted to offer you guys a freebie. I know these color by sum sheets ae great for review. So here is one that I made that never made it into my Valentine Pack for you for free! Click the image below and it will take you to it: