Thursday, March 17, 2016

St. Patrick's Day

Check out all this cute work done on St. Patrick's Day by a first grade class!! LOVE it! This teacher took the no prep sheets and put them into a packet. I talked with this teacher, and she really felt overwhelmed by curriculum this year. She needed something simple that could make them still feel like they were celebrating. This pack was her ticket! Love it when I hear it worked perfect for their classroom. :

For the headband she had them do both writing prompts. Talk about writing all stars in her first grade class! One of my prompts is to write down a face about St. Patrick's Day. She showed her students this Gail Gibbons read a loud found on YouTube to help them find the fact(s):

 I love these roll it sheets! Great way to help them review basic facts without seeming so mundane with the usual fact sheet or flash cards.  I might make a few more these soon for something hmmm..

Well I just wanted to share these sweet photos from this first grade class. Over and out until next time!

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