Saturday, May 28, 2016

Classroom Management Tip & Complete Sentence Chant Freebie!

Hey All! I'm super excited right now because I'm hosting a give away on my Instagram!! My Handle is Emily Education. Currently Item #1 is a free new set of Mr. Sketch Markers!!! Yum! More will be given away as next week progresses so make sure you follow my Instagram account.

As a teacher we love Mr. Sketch Markers for Oh SO MANY REASONS! But here are a few of my favorites!

1. Anchor Charts! I mean there is just something about smelling those smells as you write, and see those bright colors POP!

2. SMELLY STARS! Wait what are smelly stars!? Oh lets get you in on this little classroom management tip if you don't have it already! Currently it is the end of May. If you are still teaching my bet is you are tired, your kids are tired, and the work is coming in a little bit sloppy...maybe they aren't working all that fast either? Well this just might help with that. First I teach my students "My Sentence Chant" yes it has hand signals. If you want to see that tune into my Facebook page and watch the video.

Next I give them assignment. I am really big on comprehension Tri-Folds. These involve writing AND student drawings. You may be wondering how to I get 27 first graders to complete that neatly and correctly!?! Well that is where the smelly star comes in, with the help of Mr. Sketch! I give them a set time that the task needs to be ended in. Obviously, I don't just give them 5 minutes, they are 1st graders, more like 20 minutes. Then we repeat "My Sentence Chant" real quick before we get started. When  the time is up I come around with my Mr. Sketch Markers. If they did everything right, and checked by going through the chant in their head they get a smelly star on their paper. That smelly stay is GOLD to them. I also make sure to always come around with more than one color, that way they can pick their scent (makes it extra special gold now). Well that's it! I know so simple! It works though, try it!

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