Friday, August 5, 2016

A Bad Case of Stripes, Stand Tall Molly Lou Melon and The Recess Queen!

Oh my lanta I need to get better about blogging! I have been so busy creating that I have fallen behind! In July I was busy creating for back to school with three of my favorite books! I bundled them all into a pack for y'all! I even made a facebook live video where you hear me talk about teaching all of these and why/how I start right off the bat... DAY ONE! Click the picture below and it will take you to that fb live video!

I have been wanting to do a book study on A Bad Case of Stripes for so long! I turned this book into a musical when I was teaching 2nd grade. It was one of my fondest memories with my second graders! I will include some pictures of the backdrops below! It was an absolute blast. I would love to upload the musical, but due to the face that I used modern song and rewrote them the copyright world will not let me! :(. If you don't already have this book it's one every classroom should have. (aff link)
If you click any of the images below it will take you to my Back to School Bundle!

Although I can't bring you my musical I can bring you this fabulous book study! Here is a sneak peak into what you get: 

I laid this out into a five day lesson plan for you to do with your students. The craft I did for Camilla is original and you wont find anything quite like it. Make your classroom go wild with excitement that first week of school with this book study. And when it is time for curriculum/back to school night your classroom will already be filled to the brim with eye catching student generated activities!

Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon is one of those warm feeling stories that makes you want to be 100% you! I just love it! Here is a sneak peak into what you get with that one to!
  (aff link)

Okay finally... THE RECESS QUEEN! This one took me so long to create as it took lots of drawing on my computer to get the shapes just right for the craft. But I think the end product is one of the bests I have ever created. This is the perfect BTS Anti-Bullying Story!!! I mean PERFECT! It teaches students how to be a good friend, and how unattractive it is to be a bully in the first place! (aff link)

Check out the sneak peak below:

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