Saturday, August 27, 2016

Teaching Color Words; Activities and Ideas

Color words are a simple teaching task, and there are many ways to do it. I wanted to share with some ways I would do it in a classroom. You can also listen to my teaching ideas for color words by clicking here and listening to my Facebook live about it!

I like to start things off with a simple Rainbow song. If you want to hear the tune visit my fb live video. I do this poem even in first grade at the beginning of the year, and have them paste it into their poem book. This is a great thing to start off with as it is simple and easy for them to memorize for our "Poetry Performances" on Fridays. I usually make an anchor chart as well and post it the poem.  Right click the image below and save it, so you can print it for your students for free!

Next thing I am going to do is introduce color by color. I have the students make the poster "theirs", by letting them add their own drawings of things that are blue on blue sticky notes.

I love having easy to go to printable review for my students. I have two different levels of color printables depending on the students I am working. Click the image below and it will take you where to buy it.

Crafts! Okay, y'all know I am about the crafts! Why not have students make their own Color Word Book with CRAFTS in it! So that is just what we do. I also hand out emergent readers for them to take home, and practice in the classroom. The thing that is great about these is each book has the same pattern so it easy for my students to read, and gives them confidence in reading! Hope you all enjoy these activities idea! You can buy all the crafts and printables, including color posters for only $7 in my store.

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