Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Doubles and Doubles Plus One Activities

Teaching Doubles and Doubles +1 is such a blast to teach in the classroom. I have had so much fun with it! I wanted to share with you all what has worked for me. You can read this blog post or get even more teaching ideas and click here to watch me talk about it LIVE on my Facebook page.

First of all to start off I think it is so important to teach the vocabulary you are going to be using through out your lesson. Then show your students how these vocab words are used n context of the topic being taught. I love using Vocab Teaching Cards. If you have taught using my units you are probably familiar with them. It has the word then an image on the side that represents that word. This image is so important for my ELL learners. Below you can see some anchor charts I have created using my Vocab Teaching Cards for Doubles and Doubles +1.

Next I am wanting to use manipulative to help visualize the addition process. Then I am going to use poems/chants and some videos off YouTube. I have my own version that I like to use for poems that can be found in my Doubles Pack. Then I am going to bring in my craft. I'm Seeing Doubles. I have the option of two sizes so if you don't want all the students to make such big ones you can do smaller ones.

Then we also do a craft for Doubles Plus one. By this point my students have really masted these facts, but I still want them to practice. I always of some No Prep Printables handy like "Color by Sum" sheets and match up sheets. These are great fillers if I ever have a sub or something in the morning, but I am also wanting to use games. That is where my spin a pair sheet comes in. I can print this as a printable or laminate and use it year to year. The reason I like this one is it can be down in pair or on their own. Then I have 3 more games that are centers that will be laminated and used year to year. These centers are meant to be done in small groups. I have a GO Fish game, board game, and sort. 

I think they have mastered it now it is time for an assessment. Here is where are freebie comes in for all my blog readers. This is a normal fact assessment except something is added to the bottom. I want my students to tell me tips and tricks they remember from Doubles and Doubles Plus One. For my non writers I have them draw pictures of what helped them. This is such a great opportunity for me to help know what kind of learners my students. This also helps me become a better teacher as I can find out straight from the source what worked for them. Just right click and save them images below to print them for your classroom from your computer!

I hope you all find these activities below. Check out this pack in my store with all these activities. You can click here or click any image in this post (except the freebies) and it will take you to it. 


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