Friday, May 5, 2017

Flying First Graders - STEM Project with Rosie Revere, Engineer

Oh my goodness! Yesterday was such a fun day. I had a fabulous time in a first grade classroom getting this S.T.E.M. project up and going. The students were totally engaged! They were also on their best behavior! What a difference it makes when learning is fun! Okay, okay I might be using too many explanation points, but that's just how fun it was!!!!

So first if you haven't heard of Rosie Revere, Engineer by. Andrea Beaty then you need to go get it now! This book is so darling!!! It is a must in every household and classroom in my opinion! You can get a beautiful hardcover for not very much on Amazon!! Click the image below (aff. link).

Now let's talk about this Rosie Revere unit! I love tying literature in with STEM. This product has been one of the most enjoyable for me to create. I take you through 5+ Days of teaching with printables, crafts, experiments, and more! Below you can see a sneek peak image:

Now back to the first grade classroom I worked with. They are actually still working on the unit. I am going to show you some of the things they have done so far. The teach started off with teaching Vocabulary. She picked 10 of the words I suggested and used my Vocab teaching cards and definitions.

She also made an anchor chart about story structure before I came in. Part of the flying Rosie Revere that they make has them identify the problem and solution in the story.
Now we are ready for then I came in. Time to make our flying craft! Can they have a successful flop like Rosie??

In my unit I have several different suggestions for making the plane. It differs as to what grade level you are doing this with. As this was first grade I did pre-cut the wings. You will notice though in the images below that I used different boxes. This changed the aerodynamics of the planes. The students could also add weight to the planes using Popsicle sticks and beans. I told them before they need to decide if they though their plane would fly better if they added different weights in different places. I did not sway them in either direction. Below you can see some images of the added weights.

Once the weights were added they wrapped the plane in paper. This made the edges smooth so that we could hot glue the wings.

Finally they add their Rosie to make her fly, and their problem and solution circles. They had the choice of choosing blank circles to draw pictures, or they could use the lined ones and write out the problem and solution. They also had the option of adding "rockets" to the bottom. They are mini red cups purchased at Dollar Tree, and Pompoms also purchased at Dollar Tree. I will also include some link to amazon ones below, if you don't feel like running to the store (aff link).

The next thing to do was to send her off. We went to the school courtyard. We layed out Yard sticks in a long line so we could test the distance. Some flew great... some not so much. We recorded all the data on a sheet that was provided in the unit.
We then had a conversation why or why not some flew and some didn't. Clearly weight was a factor why some didn't fly well. We then did a speed test. Since the center of Rosie is a paper towel tube we were able to run a string down her that we tied to a chair. I held it in the air and we timed how long it took to get to the other side. The heavy ones out shined the lighter planes in this activity! It was so much fun! We also recorded time in seconds on our data sheet. Today students are comparing and contrasting the data. They are also focusing on some character traits in the unit, and learning a little more about Engineers in the non-fiction foldable book reader I included in the unit. Click on any image to purchase the unit!